Ice cream is no longer a matter of summer

After a long and cold winter, the sunny season approached us. This is the time of ice cream mist both small and large. Draught ice Cream This is the real thing that inherently belongs to sunny and warm days. When you prefer fruit-lighter or cream-cream, you'll surely choose from our offer. We have a rich selection of frozen mixtures or dry powdering mixtures.
It is always about Czech products and original recipes, which are built mainly on quality. When using high-quality ingredients, the ice cream is always delicious, it has a distinctive taste and is the right consistency. Dry powdered mixtures are quickly prepared and designed for customers who prefer traditional preparation.
All for ice cream lovers
For example, for the preparation of sorbet ice cream You just need to mix water and sorbet base together with the paste according to the instructions, then put in ice cream machine and draught ice cream is ready to freshe and delight all of its lovers.

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