Natural product

Macanides are alkaloids contained in a preparation that helps to manage menopause. The macanides are extracted from the plant of the Peruvian, also called Mac. This plant, along with others, is a great helper in menopause.
Makanides extracted from the maca plant help the body to obtain a lost hormonal balance during menopause, and regulate it. Thanks to them, the balance of hormone production is induced again. This is a special hormone-regulating complex.
Phytosterols, alkaloids and glycosinolates
In addition to the beneficial alkaloids of macanides and gylosinolates, the Maca Mountain plant also contains phytosterols. These are mainly Ergosterol, Campesterol, Brasicasterol, Ergostadienol and Sitosterol. Due to all the substances contained, menopause will not be an unpleasant period.

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