The Art of Magic for you and your party

Magician, Wizard, illusionist, Mage, Sorcerer, Eskamotér… Do you know yet another synonyms? They are not accurate, for a sorcerer can be a good man and a villain, a warlock in US rather evokes unpleasant feelings, the meaning of the word eskamotér perhaps you do not know-I tell you that it is essentially an illusionist, a mage is a sage, a seer, a magician-and we are back in the beginning.
The magician we are allowing you to imagine is a nice and pleasant illusionist who can entertain both small and large audiences and listeners. And it is the childhood that belongs in the life of a person to a stage with a more severe feeling and perception.
For your children is prepared many spells, which can light up children's faces, bring surprises and joy… And maybe a magician will come.

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